Logging in Using Salesforce Authenticator

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Starting January 20, you will be prompted to enter your login credentials and verify your login using the Salesforce Authenticator mobile app. If you have not yet downloaded, installed, and registered the Salesforce Authenticator mobile app, please see this help article.

Logging In

      1. Enter your username and password and click Log In (if you have enrolled in Lightning Login, simply click your username).


If the following screen shows "Connect Salesforce Authenticator", please see this help article.

      2. You will now be prompted to "Check Your Mobile Device". On your phone, click the notification that appears to open the Salesforce Authenticator mobile app.

      3. Once in the Salesforce Authenticator app, click Approve. On your desktop, you will automatically be redirected to the Salesforce homepage.

Depending on your location settings, you may see your current location and have the option to "Always Approve from this location". Doing so may allow you to bypass the approval step if you are logging in from the displayed location. Note that this does not always work, depending on the location accuracy - you should assume you will always need to approve your Salesforce login attempt using the mobile app.


If your mobile device does not have cell service or if you are seeing an error (such as the message below), you can use the 6 digit code found in the Salesforce Authenticator app (this works even if your phone does not have service or Wifi).

      1. After clicking "Log In" in Step 1 above:

           a. If you do not have cell service, click Having Trouble? and then Use a Different Verification Method.

           b. If you are receiving an error that says either "You've exceeded the allowed number of attempts" or "Problem Approving your Request", click Use a Different Verification Method.

      2. Select Use a code from an authenticator app and click Continue.

      3. Open the Salesforce Authenticator app on your mobile device to find the code. Type the code you see on the mobile app into the Verification Code field on your computer and click Verify.

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