Collecting Job Descriptions and the Job Description Form

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Once a partner has signed on to join or rejoin the CWS program, they can be sent a job description form to collect some information about the placement and their preferences and needs for a student worker. Find a full video tutorial on collecting job descriptions here (video - 3 minutes).

Using the Job Description Tracker

    1. Open to the CWSP Setup app, and locate the 'Job Description Tracker' item in your Navigation Bar. If you can't find it, you may need to click "More" to the far right and locate it in the dropdown.

2. The list displayed will show all of the coming year's opportunities that are Contracting or Closed Won. To the right, a link will be listed to complete the Job Description.

These links can be sent directly to a supervisor or decision maker to complete. We recommend including this link in a thank you or follow up email once a contract has been signed!

3. Once a job description has been completed, the list will update to show a completed job description in real time.

4. Opening the Opportunity, you'll be able to now see a related job listed. Open that job to find a copy of the submitted job description, as well as certain prefilled fields.

The Job Description Form

A full copy of the job description form can be found here. Feel free to browse this form - it is identical to the one supervisors will receive through the sent link. 

Recommended Language

We recommend using the language below (or something similar) to impress upon your supervisors the important role job descriptions play in your program. 

The Corporate Work Study Program gives students the opportunity to thrive and achieve their full potential. Our Corporate Partners give real-life career experience at an influential age, setting Cristo Rey students apart from the rest.

The Student Associate Job Description serves as a crucial blueprint for both the student and the company, ensuring an adequate match between the skills of the student and the needs of the corporate partner. Teams will leverage the data collected from this form to build out student placements for the year and to ensure your student associates  best match your needs and work environment. By clearly outlining the responsibilities, requirements, and objectives of the position, you provide our team with a clear understanding of your vision for your student associates. The Job Description also collects vital logistical information, such as the primary supervisor, the location where students will report, and any prerequisites for student employment, such as health screenings. 

Ultimately a well-crafted job description sets the foundation for a successful student placement, fostering a productive and fulfilling work environment and mutually benefits the partnership between the corporate partner and the students.

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