Excusing Missed Days

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Typically, a missed day being excused means that the student does not need to complete a make-up day. There are several ways to excuse a missed day for a student. You only need to excuse the day once using one of these options, and the missed day will update across the entire site.

From the Attendance Page

1. If you are excusing an absence from today, navigate to the Work Study Attendance kanban view.

2. Select the absence card for the student you would like to excuse and click the note icon to the top right.

3. Click the pencil next to Missed Day Outcome and select "Excused". Write comments under Attendance Notes if desired and click Save.

As long as you excuse an absence as soon as the record is generated, the student will not receive a Make-Up Day Scheduling Form. The supervisor will still receive a notification if you choose to send absence notifications (see step 5 of this article).

From the Absence Record

1. If you are excusing an absence from another day, navigate to the student's attendance record by either searching for the student or their employment and finding the absence under the Work Study Attendance records.

2. Click on the absence record you would like to excuse.

3. Locate the Missed Day Outcome field, click the pencil, and select "Excused". Write comments under Attendance Notes if desired and click Save.

Note: this will not automatically delete the associated make-up day. If the outcome is updated after the student receives their Make-Up Day Scheduling Form, the link will take them to this screen:

If a Make-Up Day Was Already Scheduled

If it's determined that an absence is excused after a make-up day has already been scheduled, make sure to clear the Attendance Date field on the related Make-Up Day so a time card is not sent.

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