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Once in a while, you find out a student missed a full work day after you've already sent that date's time cards. A student also may miss a partial day by arriving late or departing early. To keep your attendance accurate in Work Studyforce, you can create a new missed day on the student's page.

If you know ahead of time that a student will be absent, do not create a missed day in advance. If you create a missed day before time cards are sent for that date, you won't be able to send time cards from the "Time Cards By Date" tab; instead, you'll get the page below when you go to that tab

Create a Full Missed Day

    1. Navigate to the desired student's employment page, find the Missed Day section, and select New.

2. Fill out the Date Missed.

3. To locate the correct Student record, start typing in the student's last name. If the student's name does not appear in the lookup list, click the magnifying glass next to the search term.

    4. To locate the correct Term, start typing in either the start year or end year for the appropriate school year (generally the current school year, unless you're making a historical record for a past school year). Select the desired existing term.

Never create a new term for a missed day. Terms are preloaded at the beginning of the year and are a critical link among records. Creating duplicate terms has significant negative implications and should be avoided. If you think you are missing the necessary term, contact the CRN Salesforce Support Team.

    5. The Employment field should already be populated.

    6. Since we are creating a full missed day, leave the Partial Missed Day fields blank.

    7. In the Outcome and Resolution section:

a. If the missed day has not been resolved (i.e. the student still needs to make up the missed day), you can leave everything in the Outcome and Resolution section blank, unless you want to leave comments regarding the student's missed day.

b. If the missed day HAS been made up, you will have to copy the related time card number from the make-up day time card and paste it into the "Resolved By Time Card" field. The Outcome and Date Resolved fields will automatically populate when the supervisor completes the student's make-up time card.

c. If, for any reason, the student does not need to make up the missed day, see the article on Excusing a Missed Day.

If the student received a time card out of error, don't forget to delete the time card to avoid confusion.

Create a Partial Missed Day

If the student went to work but missed part of a work day, it is likely that you sent him a time card but still want to log the missed time. You can note that in the Partial Missed Day section of the missed day by checking the box and including any relevant notes.

If you go back to the student's page, you'll see that a partial missed day is indicated in the Missed Days section.

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