Creating Work-for-Pay Employments

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To send work-for-pay time cards (help article here), you first need to create work-for-pay employments.

Please click here for a brief video tutorial that walks through the following steps.

Creating the Paid Work Cohort

1. Ensure you are in the CWSP Operations app by checking the app name and icon to the top left of the screen. If you see "CWSP Sales" or "CWSP Setup", click the app picker and select CWSP Operations.

2. Once you are in the CWSP Operations app, click the app picker again, type "cohort" into the search bar, and click the resulting item.

    3. Click the "Recently Viewed" list view and select "Active Work Groups".

    4. Scan the list to check if another CWSP team member has already created a paid work group. If you see a paid work cohort, skip to the next section (Create Paid Work Jobs); if not, proceed to the next step.

    5. Click the New button.

    6. Select "Work Group" and click Next.

    7. Enter "Paid Work" into Cohort Name and, if desired, add a note to explain the purpose of the cohort. Ensure Active is checked and click Save.

Create Paid Work Jobs

1. Navigate to the account record where at least one student will be working for pay.

2. Click the Jobs tab within the account record and click the New button.

    3. Fill out all required fields:

a. Type anything into Job Name - this will autofill upon save.

b. Change the Work Type from Work Study to Paid Work.


c. Fill out the first date the students will start working for pay.

d. Fill out the last possible date the students will work for pay this school year. This is not holiday-specific, so the date is mostly likely some time during the summer break.

e. Find the term for this school year. You may have to type something into the term search bar (if you are creating paid work employments for the 2021-22 school year, type "2021" to find "2021 - 2022 School Year").

f. Enter the maximum number of students you expect to work for pay at this account this year.

        g. Enter the default supervisor information for this job. You can specify different supervisors on the employment level, if necessary.

        h. Click Save.

All others fields are optional, besides Opportunity, which should be left blank.

    4. Repeat steps 1-3 for all paid work jobs. You only need to create one job per account/department, not per student.

Create Paid Work Employments

You can either create paid work employments after creating each job, or you can create all jobs first then move on to creating employments.

1. Navigate to a paid work job record. You can confirm that a job is a work-for-pay record by checking that (PAY) is appended to the end of the job name.

2. Click the New Employment button.

3. Fill out all required fields:

a. Search for and select the student who will be working at this job for pay.

b.Confirm the start and end dates for this specific employment and update if needed.

c. Confirm the supervisors for this specific employment and update if needed.

         d. Search for and select the Paid Work cohort you created earlier.

         e. Click Save.

    4. Repeat steps 1-3 to add employments to paid work jobs.

You are now ready to send work-for-pay time cards!

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