Confirming Post-Graduation Plans

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Before students graduate from high school, they submit their final college decisions using the Decision Tracker. Alumni advisors then typically confirm a student's enrollment near the end of the summer or beginning of the fall during their regular check-ins. Advisors can see their recent alumni's final decisions as well as confirm or update their enrollment using Gradforce.

Manage Post-Grad Plans from a Student Record

To see a student's recorded post-grad plan and confirm their enrollment, you can navigate directly to the student's record page.

    1. Use the Global Search Bar to find the student by typing their first, last, or full name. Select the student from the resulting dropdown menu or, to see all results, press enter.

    2. Review the HS Graduation Plan and Planned University fields in the Year 1) Fall Matriculation section. This information was pulled directly from your school's decision tracker and cannot be edited.

If the Year 1) Fall Matriculation section does not appear, the student is not from the Class of 2022.

    3. When you're ready to confirm a student's enrollment, click the pencil icon next to Confirmed Enrollment. Three choices are available for this field:

        a. Student attending planned university. If the student is attending the college/university shown under Planned University, select this option and click Save. Fall: Attending University will automatically update with the same college/university.

        b. Student attending other university. If the student is attending a different college/university than the institution shown in Planned University, select this option then locate the correct university name under Fall: Attending University. Click Save.

        c. Student not attending university. If the student is not attending college/university in the fall, select this option and click Save. The Fall: Attending University field will remain blank.

    4. Once the Fall: Attending University field is populated, the student's status will update to Self-Verified Enrolled. This change will also be reflected on the home dashboard.

Manage Post-Grad Plans from a List View

To update multiple students' confirmed enrollment information at once, you can use a list view. The relevant list view will be 'Class of 20XX'

    1. Click on the the Contacts tab in the navigation bar.

    2. Click the dropdown of available list views (this will probably default to "Recently Viewed" but could be different if you pinned a view) and select Class of 20XX.

    3. To update individual students' Confirmed Enrollment:

        a. Click the pencil icon that appears in a Confirmed Enrollment cell you'd like to update and select the appropriate option (see step 3 above)

        b. Update Fall: Attending University if Student attending other university was chosen.

        c. Update as many cells as you'd like and then click Save.

4. To update multiple students' Confirmed Enrollment information with the same value (for example, if you have a list of students who are attending the university they originally chose):


        a. Use the checkboxes to the left of the page to select all applicable students.

        b. Click the pencil icon that appears in any of the selected rows under Confirmed Enrollment. Choose either Student attending planned university or Student not attending university (avoid using the mass update method for Student attending other university) and check "Update X selected items" before clicking Apply.

        c. Confirm the records you are about to update and then click Save.

If you selected Student attending planned university, you will noticed that the Fall: Attending University information updates for each selected student upon save. If you selected Student not attending university, the Fall: Attending University fields will remain blank, since those students have chosen not to attend a college/university this fall.

You can see a video demo of these processes here! (3 min)


  • Regardless of the method you use to update confirmed enrollment, the Status field on a student's page and on the home dashboard will update to "Enrolled (Self-Reported)" if Fall: Attending University is populated.
  • Once you have confirmed enrollment for your class of 2022, you can customize list views to send targeted emails and texts.
  • Fall: Attending University is intended to help advisors communicate effectively with students and report on enrollment before the first NSC data is released. Fall NSC data (typically released in December) will override your students' enrollment statuses and will be used to formally calculate summer melt.

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