Creating a New Employment

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If a student switches jobs during the school year or transitions from a professional development opportunity to a placement, follow these steps to create a new employment.

Please see this 6-minute video tutorial to walk through ending an employment and creating a new employment.

It is best practice to create a new employment each time a student changes partners, rather than edit an existing employment.

    1. Navigate to the relevant job record by using the Global Search bar or clicking the Jobs tab on the partner's account record.

    2. Click the New Employment button to the top right corner of the job record.

    3. Fill out all relevant details for the new employment:

a. Search for the student's name. It is very unlikely the student is not already in the system, so avoid clicking "+ New Contact". If the student's name does not appear in the dropdown list, try click the magnifying glass to show all possible results for your search term.

b. Start Date and End Date will prefill with the start and end dates on the job. You can enter different dates if needed.

c. Primary Supervisor, Alternate Supervisor 1, and Alternate Supervisor 2 will prefill with the job supervisor defaults. You can set different supervisors on the employment record if needed.

d. If you would like the student's time cards and time card receipts to be emailed to both their Cristo Rey email as well as their work email, check this box and type the work email into Student Work Email. Time card feedback will be emailed to their Cristo Rey email address only.

e. Choose the student's work day from Work Group.

f. If you have begun using travel groups in Salesforce, select them from these fields. More information regarding travel groups will be disseminated in the fall.

g. Click Save.


  • If the student is transitioning from one job to another, don't forget to close out their previous employment by updating the End Date.
  • If you receive the following error, you are placing more students in this position than the job was created to hold. To add an additional placement, close the New Employment screen and update the # of Students field on the job record with the correct number of students who should be placed at this job. Once you have clicked Save, follow steps a-g above to create the new employment.

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