Understanding the Job Description Form

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The Cristo Rey national office has gathered input from Cristo Rey schools to create a standardized Job Description form. This job description template is part of a broader effort to support student success and client satisfaction when used with comprehensive assessments and optimal student placement practices. This article walks through the form itself and its integration with Salesforce. To learn how to send the form, see this doc.

It is highly recommended that you test the form first using a fake account and opportunity. This will allow you to experience the process from the partner's point of view.

Page 1 - Company and Submitter Information

Page 1 of the job description form asks for basic information concerning the company, the submitter, and the supervisors.

1. The company name will prepopulate based on the related opportunity's account name. The submitter will not be able to override this field.

2. The company address will prepopulate if the associated account has a billing address in Salesforce. If those fields are blank, the corresponding form fields will also be blank. The submitter will be able to override whatever is in these fields. Note that the field information will save in the form but will not update the billing address in Salesforce.

3. The primary industry will prepopulate if the associated account has an industry in Salesforce. If no industry is selected on the account record, the corresponding field in the form will also be blank. The submitter will be able to override whatever is in this field. Note that the field information will save in the form but will not update the industry in Salesforce.

4. If the submitter chooses "Other", a text field will appear. If the submitter selects "Remotely," "Both", or "Other", remote work questions will appear at the end of the survey. These fields will not be visible if the submitter selects "In person".

5. If the submitter chooses "An alternate address", additional address fields will appear.

    6. The individual submitting the form could be the primary supervisor, an alternate supervisor, or another person connected to this partnership, such as the company's HR representative. If "alternate supervisor" is selected, name and contact fields will appear under "Alternate Supervisor Information". If "contact person for CWSP Staff but not supervising students directly" is selected, contact information fields will appear directly under the question.


    7. Primary supervisor information is required, regardless of who is completing the form.


    8. Unless the submitter is the alternate supervisor, in which case the "Alternate Supervisor Information" fields are required, the submitter has the option to enter an alternate supervisor.

The submitter can enter up to three contacts using the job description form (primary supervisor, alternate supervisor, and submitter's information if not a supervisor). Any contact information that is submitted through this form will either update existing contacts inside of Salesforce if there appears to be a match or creates new contact records inside of Salesforce if no match is found. Matches are determined based on First Name + Last Name + Account.

Page 2 - Job Description and Required Skills

Page 2 of the job description form covers specific tasks that the student(s) will perform and skills required of the student(s).

9.The total number of students the organization is hiring.

10.The total number of students assigned to this specific job description. This number may be equal to the number entered in the previous question if the organization is hiring just one team. Conversely, if the organization will have multiple student teams whose responsibilities and tasks are distinct enough to require multiple job descriptions, this number will be smaller than the previous number to reflect the students who are assigned to just this description.

11. The submitter can either indicate flexibility in the students' work days or select the ideal number of students per day using the drop down lists.

12. The student worker's official job title.

13. The submitter can select 1 or more department(s) or division(s), depending on the student's anticipated placement. A text field will appear if "Other" is selected.

14. The anticipated tasks and responsibilities visible to the submitter will depend on which industry and department(s) were selected. For example, if "Education" was selected as the industry, education-specific tasks will appear in this section. If "IT/Tech Support" was selected from "Department/Division/Team", IT-specific tasks will appear in this section. "General Office/Clerical Support" will be visible regardless of the industry/department(s) selected.

15. If a department or function area that does not fit any of the above options requires additional information, the submitter can fill out this optional text field.

16. If the submitter has more specific task or responsibility details, they can fill out this optional text field.

    17. Depending on the placement, student(s) may be required to demonstrate certain skills: general, mathematical, and grammatical. At least one response for each these three skill categories is required.


    18. If the student(s) will be asked to translate or interpret for this position, the type and language can be indicated here. If "other language" is selected, a text field appears.

    19. The submitter has the opportunity to indicate required proficiency levels for common software/technology skills.

Page 3 - Additional Considerations

Page 3 of the job description form includes additional considerations for this placement, including on-boarding requirements and remote work needs.

    20. If this placement requires certain on-boarding steps before the student worker(s) can begin, the submitter can select them here. A textbox appears if "Other" is selected.


    21. Depending on which option the submitter selected in Step 4, remote work questions may appear in page 3. These optional fields will give the CWSP team a better idea of what technology is needed for the student worker to perform this job remotely.

    22. This optional textbox allows the submitter to indicate any dress code modifications required or preferred for this placement.


    23. This optional textbox allows the submitter to enter any additional considerations specific to this placement, such as drop-off or pick-up times.

    24. If the submitter would like to submit another job description for a different team of students, they can select "Yes" and, upon submitting the form, will be taken to a new job description (still prefilled for this specific organization). If the submitter selects no, they will be taken to your school's homepage upon submitting the form.

After Submitting the Form

A few things occur after the form is submitted. First, the submitter receives a copy of their responses via email. Additionally, several records are updated or created in Salesforce:

  • Contacts are updated/created based on the information submitted on Page 1.
  • A new "job" record is created and linked to the account. You can find this record by navigating to the account page, selecting the Jobs tab, and clicking the newly created record.
  • Some fields are populated based on the submitted responses.
  • A PDF of the form is saved to the new job record.

To see which job descriptions have been completed, reference the All Job Descriptions report, located in the CWSP Sales Reports folder. To see how many job descriptions per opportunity have been submitted (including opportunities with 0 job descriptions), review this report.

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