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When a student leaves the school for any reason, there are three things you will want to do:

Close out the student's employment

Just like you would when a student changes jobs, you'll want to end the student's current employment. 

  1. Navigate to the student's current employment. In the Outcome and Exact Dates section, be sure to use the last day the student worked (or will work) as the End Date.
If you know the date a student is leaving ahead of time, you can set the end date in the future. You don't need to wait until the student's last day to set the end date.
  1. Change the Outcome field to Completed (or a custom value defined by your school) using the drop-down menu. Don't forget to click save.

Change the student's class year to "Unenrolled"

Navigate to the student's page. In the student's Details section, change the Class Year to Unenrolled and click save. Students who have a class year of "Unenrolled" can be excluded from list views and reports.

If possible, resolve any outstanding missed days

If possible, resolve the student's outstanding missed days. If the student is leaving the school, then it's unlikely that she will be making up any of her missed days.

Different schools do different things here - some excuse the days depending on the circumstances and some charge the student a fee. Either way, this is something that should be resolved as part of your normal operational processes.

What if a student leaves the school and then returns?

If a student returns to the school, you can just change the class year from "Unenrolled" back to whatever grade the student is now in. Then create a new employment for that student when she is placed in a new job.

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