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This help doc was created for Work Studyforce 1.0. For WSF 2.0 articles, please click here.
It is best practice to create a new employment for a student every time she changes to a different partner, rather than edit an existing employment.
  1. Navigate to the student's page and click the drop-down arrow next to Employments.
  1. The record type will default to Work Study, which applies to all employments other than those for which the student is compensated directly (i.e. employments over school breaks). Click the Next button. 
  1. For the Partner and Primary Supervisor fields, start typing a keyword into the lookup box and select the relevant records. If the desired record does not appear in the drop-down list, you can click on the magnifying glass to show all search results.
If you haven't created the necessary account for "Partner" or contact for "Primary Supervisor," you can select the option "+ New Account" or "+ New Contact", respectively. Be sure to verify before creation that the desired account or contact record does not already exist to avoid creating duplicates.
  1. Use the drop-down menu to choose the appropriate Work Day.
  2. To locate the correct Term, start typing in either the start year or end year for the appropriate school year (generally the current school year, unless you're making a historical record for a past school year). Select the desired existing term.
Never create a new term for a work study employment. Terms are preloaded at the beginning of the year and are a critical link among records. Creating duplicate terms has significant negative implications and should be avoided. If you think you are missing the necessary term, contact the CRN Salesforce Support Team.
  1. Select the desired Start Date and End Date from the calendar lookup fields. The End Date must be after the Start Date. Leave Outcome blank unless you are creating a historical employment record that has already ended.
  1. If the student has a work email address, type it into the Student Work Email Address field. If you would like time cards and time card receipts to be sent to this email address in addition to the student's school email address, check the Send Time Cards to Work Email checkbox.
Time cards and time card receipts will be sent to both the student's school email address and their work email address, but supervisor feedback will only be sent to the student's school email address.
  1. If the student has one or two additional supervisors to whom she will sometimes report, search and select those contact records in the Alternate Supervisor 1 and Alternate Supervisor 2 fields. Primary and alternate supervisors can be added, changed, or deleted after employment creation, if needed.
  1. You can type anything into the Employment Name field, which will auto-populate once you save the employment. Click the Save button.
  1. Review the newly created employment record. The Employment Name should now match the automated naming convention, regardless of what was originally entered. The Timeframe will also be prefilled depending on the start and end dates of the employment.

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