Taking Attendance and Sending Time Cards

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In Work Studyforce 2.0, sending time cards and generating absences both occur as a result of taking attendance in the morning. Please watch this 12-minute video for a full demo, including taking attendance, sending time cards, reviewing time card information, and creating absence records. Check back later for a comprehensive step-by-step help article to accompany this video.

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Taking Attendance: Brief Overview (see above video for detailed walkthrough)
  1. When you're ready to generate attendance records, ensure you are in the CWSP Operations app then click Take Today's Attendance in the utility bar at the bottom of your screen.
  1. Select today's work group and click Take Attendance.
  1. Drag students' attendance cards into the appropriate columns (Present, Absent, Worked at School). To speed up this process, you can click the Update Today's Attendance button at the bottom of the screen and select "Mark all pending Attendance records as "Present"" then click Next. This will move all attendance cards into the Present column, allowing you to move cards into the Absent and Worked at School columns as needed.
If this is your first time taking attendance, you will need to change the default list display from Table to Kanban. Refer to the above video for more detailed instructions if this is your first day taking attendance.
  1. Once you're finished, all students' attendance cards should appear under one of the three categories.
  1. You can send a missed day notification to all supervisors whose students are in the Absent column by clicking Update Today's Attendance, selecting "Send Missed Day notifications to Supervisors", then clicking Next. The following email will be sent to all supervisors of absent students (be sure to do this only if you know the absent column is fully accurate).
  1. If students' attendance cards are moved to the Present or Worked at School columns, they will receive their time cards at your school's chosen time card send time. If enabled, absent students will receive their Make-Up Day Request Form email, either at the same time as the time card send or at a different time, depending on your school's custom settings.

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