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There are a number of reasons why a student or supervisor might need a time card resent to them. For example:

  • The student's e-mail address was incorrect at the time when the time card was originally sent.
  • A student or supervisor has lost the time card or feedback request e-mail in her inbox.
  • A different supervisor wants to receive the time card, but only for this specific work day.

Resend to Students

  1. If you are resending the time card because the student's email address was wrong, correct the email address in the student's record. Doing so will automatically update all of that student's existing time cards.
  2. Navigate to the student's page, scroll down to the Time Cards section, and click on the Time Card Number link of the desired time card. If you are resending a time card that is not recent, you may need to select "View All".
  1. Click the Re-send to Student button to send the time card to the student's updated e-mail address.
A time card cannot be resent if the student has already completed it.

Resend to Supervisors

A time card can only be resent to a supervisor if the student has already completed and submitted it.
  1. Navigate to the desired time card.
  2. If a temporary supervisor (not the student's primary or alternate supervisors) would like to receive the time card, click the pencil to the left of the Supervisor field. Search for the contact (if the contact does not yet exist, create it, but make sure you are not creating a duplicate). Click Save.
  1. Click the Re-send to Supervisor button.
If the supervisor's e-mail address needs to be updated, edit it on the contact page of the supervisor before clicking the Re-send to Supervisor button.
A time card cannot be resent if the supervisor has already completed it.

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