Updating Your Sales Goals

Updated 2 years ago by Charlotte Klein

Some reports in Work Studyforce 2.0 reference your team's FTE and revenue goals for the upcoming school year. You can easily update your goals by navigating to the Term record.

  1. From the navigation bar, click on the Terms tab.
  1. If a term record does not appear in the list, click Recently Viewed and select "School Terms - CWSP View".
  1. Select the relevant term record.
  2. You will see two sections: FTE Totals and Revenue. Under FTE Totals, you can view your current paid, funded, and unpaid FTE counts. To edit your paid or funded FTE goal and/or the total placements needed, click any of the pencil icons that appear and enter the new values into the appropriate fields. Click Save.
  1. Under Revenue, you can see the total amount won to date as well as update your revenue goal by clicking the pencil and entering a new value into Goal: Revenue. Click Save.
  1. All goal reports and any dashboards that display progress graphs will now reflect your update goals.

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