Unenrolling a Student

Updated 10 months ago by Charlotte Klein

When a student leaves the school for any reason, there are three things you will want to do:

  1. Close out the student's employment(s) (see this help article on ending an employment).
  2. Resolve outstanding missed days (see this help article on excusing missed days).
  3. Change the student's class year to "Unenrolled".
    1. Navigate to the student's contact page.
    2. In the Contact Details section, change the Current Grade Level to "Unenrolled" and click Save.

What if a student leaves the school and then returns?

If a student returns to the school, you can change the class year from "Unenrolled" back to whatever grade the student is now in. Then create a new employment for that student when she is placed in a new job.

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