Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Q&A

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Q&A

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

MFA adds a layer of protection to the login process by requiring a supplemental verification method, in addition to a password.

Who is affected by this update and when will it go into effect?

All Salesforce users will be required to register an MFA-compliant verification method by Thursday, January 20th, 2022. For a full list of current users at your school, please email Charlotte at

What do I need to do?

The Salesforce Authenticator mobile app is a simple, no-cost verification method that satisfies the MFA requirement. The national office will support users’ installation and registration of the app to prepare for the Spring ‘22 release. Step-by-step guides to install the Salesforce Authenticator mobile and to register the app in Salesforce can be found here.

What happens if I do not install and register the Salesforce Authenticator app by January 20th?

The next time you try to log in to Salesforce, you will be required to install and register the application. We recommend taking care of these steps before the deadline to avoid a disruption in Salesforce access.

What if we need to log in to more than one Salesforce org?

You can connect the Salesforce Authenticator app to multiple Salesforce orgs. Once you have already downloaded and installed the app, see this section to register an additional account with the app.

What if two people share a single Salesforce account?

Salesforce prohibits sharing user credentials with multiple users. Before you can satisfy the MFA requirement, you need to resolve any shared accounts or credentials that are in use. This practice is incompatible with MFA because each user must register and connect a unique verification method to their Salesforce account before they can log in. If multiple users are sharing a single account, only one person will be able to log in to that account after MFA is enabled. If you need to purchase additional licenses, please reach out to the national office Salesforce team.

Will I be required to use the Salesforce Authenticator app in order to log in to the standard Salesforce mobile app?

Yes, the first time you log in to the standard Salesforce mobile app, you will be required to open the Salesforce Authenticator app to approve the log in. Subsequent app usage will most likely not require you to approve through the Salesforce Authenticator app.

What if I do not own a smartphone?

Users who do not own a smartphone should reach out to the national office team ASAP.

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