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Typically, a missed day being excused means that the student does not need to complete a make-up day. There are several ways to excuse a missed day for a student. You only need to excuse the day once using one of these options, and the missed day will update across the entire site.

From the Time Cards By Date Screen

  1. Navigate to the CWSP Time Cards app.
  2. Click on the Time Cards by Date tab, which you usually use to send daily time cards.
  1. Use the drop-down calendar at the top right corner of the page to locate the date that the student missed.
  1. Scroll down to the Missed section and find the student whose missed day you need to excuse.
  1. Click the down arrow next to the Create Time Card button and select Resolve.
  2. In the Outcome field of the screen that pops up, select Excused using the drop-down arrow to the right. You can add comments about why the day is excused. Then click OK.
Your school may have additional options here if requested. Check with your coworkers if you see other options.
  1. The day is now Excused, and if you hover over the information icon, you can see the comments that you wrote.

From the Missed Days Tab

  1. Click on the Missed Days tab at the top of the page.
  1. At the top right corner of the page, change the list view to All Unresolved Days and click OK.
  1. You can sort by any of the column headings to locate the missed day in question. In this example, we know that Chiquita Lawrence's missed day was fairly recent, so we sort by the "Date Missed" column to find her missed day.
  1. Click on the Edit link to the left of the desired missed day.
  1. In the Outcome & Resolution section, complete the Outcome and Comments fields. Don't forget to click Save.
You don't need to filled out the "Resolved By" field. This field indicates which make-up day time card is associated with this missed day, but that is not applicable here.
  1. If you go back to "All Unresolved Days" list view of the "Missed Days tab," you'll notice that Chiquita's missed day no longer appears in the list.

From the Student Page

  1. Navigate to the desired student's page and scroll down to the Missed Days section. Select the missed day in question.
  1. In the Outcome & Resolution section, complete the Outcome and Comments fields by click on the pencil to the left of the fields. Don't forget to click Save.
  1. You'll see that the missed day has been updated on the student's page to reflect the change in outcome.

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