Creating and Updating Your Make-Up Day Calendar

Updated 1 year ago by Charlotte Klein

If you would like your students to schedule their make-up days directly with their supervisor using the Work Studyforce make-up day scheduling tool, make sure to keep your make-up calendar up-to-date. For more information on using WSF to manage missed days and make-up days, see this help doc.

  1. Navigate to the CWSP Setup app and select the School Year Setup tab.

  1. Add any available make-up days using the "Add Make Up Day" tool.
Only add make-up dates that students can start scheduling right now. If students are not yet permitted to schedule dates for June, do not add those make-up dates into the tool - wait until the dates become fully available to students and supervisors.
  1. If you need to remove any days, select the date and click Remove Selected Day, then Remove Day.
  2. If you try to insert a date that has already been created, you will receive an error message.

Once you are finished, your available dates should appear in the scheduling component and students can select those dates in their scheduling forms.

Scheduling Component

Student's Make-Up Day Scheduling Form

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