Adding and Removing Visit Contacts

Updated 1 year ago by Charlotte Klein

Part of documenting a DOL compliant site visit includes indicating who you met with. This can be done in Work Studyforce using Visit Contacts.

  1. Navigate to the site visit record you would like to update.
  2. Review the existing visit contacts. When site visits are automatically generated (typically at the beginning of the school year), the visit contacts are pulled from the current supervisors of all related employments.
  3. If employment supervisors have changed since the site visit was generated, click the Add Supervisors to Site Visit button to the top right of the record. Doing so will add any current supervisors not already listed as a visit contact to the record. Current visit contacts will not be deleted.
  1. To add a non-supervisor involved in the site visit, such as an HR representative, click the drop down arrow next to Visit Contacts and select "New". Find the contact under Contact. If they are not already in Salesforce, you can click + New Contact, but please double-check before adding a new contact record to prevent duplicate creation.
  1. To delete a visit contact, click the drop down next to the specific individual in the Visit Contacts component and click "Delete". Note that this does not delete the actual contact record, just the relationship between them and the site visit.

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