Exporting Work Studyforce Reports

Updated 10 months ago by Charlotte Klein

You can export reports to Excel if you would like to print, distribute, or make further calculations to your data.

  1. Navigate to the report you would like to export, either from a dashboard or using the Reports tab.
  2. Click the down arrow next to Edit and select Export.
  1. Choose between exporting as a Formatted Report or a Details Report:
    1. Formatted Reports appear in Excel in a similar format to the Salesforce display. This is the best option if you are exporting to distribute or print.
    2. Details Reports allow for further calculations in an Excel or csv format. Groupings and headers will not appear in the exported file and will not be print-ready.
  2. Your report will now begin downloading in the selected format.
Salesforce has not yet released functionality to print report charts or graphs, including dashboards. You can use screenshots to capture images of graphs and charts and insert them into your document or sheet.

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