Subscribing to Dashboards

Updated 1 year ago by Charlotte Klein

You can receive regular sales updates directly to your inbox by subscribing to a WSF 2.0 dashboard.

  1. Navigate to the Dashboards tab and select All Dashboards. Click on the sales dashboard to which you would like to subscribe. For this article, we will use one of the Network-produced dashboards, such as the Expanded Sales Dashboard 21-22.
  1. Click the down arrow next to Refresh and select Save As.
  1. Save the dashboard either to your Private Dashboards or create a New Folder.
  1. Click Subscribe on the new dashboard.
  2. Modify the subscription details based on your requirements. You can update the frequency of emails, the days and times you receive the emails, and who on your team is subscribed. Click Save when complete.
  1. You can edit or cancel your subscription by navigating to the same report and clicking the Subscribe button.
Users can subscribe to up to 5 reports or dashboards at a time.

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