Sending a 1:1 Text Message

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If you need to send a text to just one contact, you can do so through their record page. If you need to send a mass text to multiple contacts, do so using list views.

  1. Navigate to the Activity Timeline on the student's page and open the SMS tab.
  1. Verify the texting screen is live. If not, there could be two reasons:
    1. If you see this at the top of SMS screen, your contact does not have a mobile number on record. Once you update the student's mobile number, you will be able to start sending them messages.
    2. If you see this message at the top of the SMS screen, your contact has opted out of text messages. You will need to receive written consent to resume communicating with the student through SMS. See here for more SMS consent information.
  1. Compose your SMS message:
    1. Type your message in the "Message to send..." box.
    2. Verify the length of your text. On the carrier end, texts are sent in bundles of 160 characters. In 1:1 messages, length is a little less important that in bulk messages, but if you have a very long message to send to a student, consider using email instead.
    3. You school name/city will appear. You do not have to adjust this field.
    4. If you have created an SMS template, you can choose it from this list.
    5. If you would like to schedule your text to be sent out in the future, pick the date here. If you would like to send your text immediately, leave this field blank.
    6. If you are scheduling your text, select the time here. If you would like to send your text immediately, leave this field blank.
    7. If you would like to send a file, you can upload it here. The following file formats are supported: JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDF, MP4. Make sure the data is under 5MB.
    8. Click the red arrow to send your text (or to schedule the send, if you filled out fields (e) and (f)).

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