Updating Your Desktop Notifications

Updated 4 months ago by Charlotte Klein

To see incoming text messages while navigating the desktop version of Gradforce, you must enable Mogli Notifications. Note that all notification settings were defaulted to "None" in July 2022, so please check the following steps to ensure your notifications are enabled.

  1. Click on the Mogli Notifications tab in the bottom utility bar. You can access this tab from any Gradforce page.
  1. Click Settings.
If you see notifications are enabled for all contacts, great! You do not need to proceed to the next step.
  1. Click the toggle next to Notifications and ensure it shows "On". Notification sounds are recommended but not required.
  2. Select "All" next to Contacts to ensure you are notified about all incoming text messages. Click Update.

You have now enabled desktop notifications for all incoming text messages from your alumni.

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