Resending a Student's Make-Up Day Form

Updated 1 year ago by Charlotte Klein

Students typically receive their first make-up day scheduling form the day they are absent from work. If the student needs a new copy of the form, you can send it using the Resend Make-Up Form button.

Using this button will reset all make-up day scheduling fields. If the student had previously submitted a make-up day request for this absence, the requests, the status field, and the attendance date field will be cleared.
  1. Navigate to the student's make-up day record. You can find this on the student's record page or their employment page under the Work Study Attendance related list, or by using the Global Search bar. Note that the make-up day record is not the same as the missed day record; if you find the absence record instead, click the related make-up day:
  1. Click the Resend Make-Up Form button.
You will not be able to resend the make-up form if the related missed day record is resolved (the outcome is set to Worked, Excused, or Other) or if the make-up day was closed. Make sure the related missed day has not been resolved and the "Closed" checkbox is not checked before trying the button again.

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