Confirming MFA Compliance

Updated 8 months ago by Charlotte Klein

To confirm that you have successfully registered an MFA-compliant verification method:

  1. Log in to the desktop version of Salesforce.
  2. Click your profile icon to the top right corner and click Settings.
  1. In the toolbar to the left, find My Personal Information and click Advanced User Details.
  1. Review the App Registration: One-Time Password Authenticator, App Registration: Salesforce Authenticator and Security Key (U2F) fields in the User Detail section.
    1. If the three fields look like the image below (see box), you have not successfully registered a MFA-compliant verification method. Please see this help article to download, install, and register the Salesforce Authenticator mobile application.
    1. If any of the three fields looks like the images below, you have successfully registered a MFA-compliant verification method. You must have access to the verification method any time you wish to log in to Salesforce.

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