Gradforce Reports: Currently Enrolled Students

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Use these reports to answer the following questions:

  • How many students are enrolled in college?
  • How many students are enrolled in a 4-year college? 2-year?
  • How many students are enrolled in an in-state college? Out-of-state?
  1. Click on the Dashboards tab.
  2. In the menu, click All Dashboards.
  1. Select Detailed School Enrollment Dashboard.
Enrollment Numbers
  1. The bottom left components of the dashboard show all current enrollment numbers:
    1. All currently enrolled alumni
    2. Alumni enrolled in 4-year colleges
    3. Alumni enrolled in 2-year colleges
    4. Alumni enrolled in in-state colleges (see Notes and Tips below)
    5. Alumni enrolled in out-of-state colleges
Enrollment Percentages
  1. Scroll to the top of the dashboard and locate the College Status by Student report.
  2. To see specific percentages of enrollment by class year and institution type:
    1. Hover over the graph bars, or
    2. Click "View Report (College Status by Student)". You can toggle Detail Rows at the bottom of the report to see student names.
Notes and Tips
  • Click on any of the report links to see student names and their currently enrolled colleges.
  • If a student has two concurrent enrollments, the college term record with the most recent "Enrollment Begin" date will determine the 2-year/4-year and in-state/out-of-state status.
  • A student is considered enrolled "in-state" if the college state matches their high school state. If the student lived in a different state than their Cristo Rey school state, you can update the State if Different from CR State in the student's Address Information section.

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