Creating a New Prospect

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A prospect is a company that you have identified as a potential partner but with whom you have not yet had targeted discussions. It is an unqualified new opportunity. If you are already in active discussions with a company, create a new job opportunity instead.

  1. Click the [+] symbol at the top right corner of any screen in WSF.
  1. Select "New Prospect Opportunity".
  1. In the box that appears in the lower right corner, fill out the following fields:
    1. While Opportunity Name is required, the field value will be overwritten by a predefined naming convention, so you can leave this field as-is.
    2. Close Date is required but does not impact the functionality of prospects. Since prospects do not have a logical close date, this value is defaulted to the end of the calendar year.
    3. If you have already created the account, search for it under Accounts. If you have not yet created the account, you can click +New Accounts from the dropdown.
    To avoid duplicates, it is recommended that you always search for an account in the Global Search bar before creating a new one.
    1. Select an appropriate stage.
    1. If you already have a path to meet with a decision-maker, enter the details into this field (optional).
    2. Enter your next steps for this prospect (optional).
  2. Click Save.
  3. As you attempt to engage with your prospect, continue editing fields and moving the opportunity through the pipeline.
  4. Once you have begun discussing the Work Study program with the prospect, you have two options:
    1. Move to Active Pipeline - you have a firm target year in mind and are ready to start actively selling to this potential partner. Choosing this stage will transform the prospect into a New Job, retaining all of the prospect information but allowing for new information such as FTE count and contracting.
    1. Closed - No Further Pursuit - there is a clear, firm reason why this company will or should never become a partner. Choosing this stage will close the opportunity record, saving it for future reference but removing it from all open opportunity lists and reports.

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