Ending an Employment

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If a student leaves a job, it is important to close their employment record to prevent them from receiving time cards for their old placement. Please see this 6-minute video tutorial to walk through ending an employment and creating a new employment.

Do not delete an employment record if a students leaves a placement.
  1. Navigate to the employment record you would like to update. You can do so by searching for the employment in the Global Search bar (a) or by navigating to the student's page first and selecting the employment in the related Employment list to the right (b).
  2. Click the Edit button to the top right corner of the employment record.
  3. Under the Dates and Outcome section, fill in the relevant information:
    1. Update the End Date. If the employment already ended, choose a date in the past; if the employment ends today, choose today's date; and if the employment is expected to end in the future, choose the expected last day.
    2. Select the appropriate Outcome (Fired, Re-Assigned, or Unenrolled).
    3. If you chose "Fired" above, choose a Termination Reason (Performance Issue, Behavior Issue, Soft Fire, Other).
    4. Enter any additional Outcome Comments. If you selected "Other" for termination reason, this field is required.
    5. Click Save.
  4. If you set the End Date to a date in the past, you will notice that the Timeframe field will now show "Past".
If the student is transitioning to a new placement, be sure to create a new employment. If the student is leaving the school, update the Current Grade Level on their student record to "Unenrolled".

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