Adding Contact Roles to an Opportunity

Updated 2 years ago by Charlotte Klein

To link a contact to a specific sales effort, you can create a contact role on the opportunity record.

  1. Navigate to the opportunity you are working on. If you have not yet created an opportunity for the company, you can either create an unqualified prospect or a new job.
  2. Locate the Contact Roles component on the right side of the screen.
  3. Click the down arrow and select Add Contact Roles.
  1. Salesforce will initially surface all contacts associated with that specific account. If you would like to relate a contact outside of the account to the opportunity - perhaps a jobs committee member or an employee of a different company that referred you to this opportunity - you can search for them in the Search Contacts box.
If you start typing somebody's name and they do not appear, click the magnifying glass below the box to open up a more detailed search.
  1. After selecting contacts to add to this opportunity, click the Show Selected (#) link to verify before advancing. Click Next once you are satisfied with the list of selected contacts.
  1. If desired, identify the contacts' roles as they relate to this specific opportunity. You can also indicate which contact is the primary point person for this sales effort.
  1. Click Save. Your contact roles will now appear directly on the opportunity record page.
Once you have related contacts to an opportunity using contact roles, any activities (emails, events, and tasks) related to those contacts will also appear on the opportunity record page under the Activity tab.

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